063 Level up your Business with Sam Jacobson

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"If you're not good at running the business side of things, you are pretty much just spending a bunch of time in a hobby." - Sam Jacobson

How do you get to the next level?

Sam Jacobson will dive deep into this topic. Sam is a wedding sales expert. He guides pros in all fields and markets to get website visitors to become clients.

You will hear him share how you can go from a $6,500 price range to the $10,000 price range.

Also, Sam will teach you on how to answer client’s pricing questions.

Lastly, you will hear important information about the whole sales process and how to approach customers or clients that you are trying to sell to.


In this episode, Sam discusses

  • The importance of understanding a buyer’s journey stages

  • How to respond to pricing questions

  • Proven ways to make you stand out from competitors

  • One key to improving the buyer experience

  • How to take your business to the next level




Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Donald Miller

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller

The SPIN Selling Fieldbook: Practical Tools, Methods, Exercises, and Resources by Neil Rackham

CustomerCentric Selling by Michael Bosworth

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062 Running a Profitable Business with Jenni Thye

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"Always evaluate your past in order to make steps towards your future" - Jenni Tyhe

How am I going to be profitable is an important question that gets overlooked often.

Jenni Thye tackles those big questions in today's episode.

Jenni is an Arizona based wedding planner. She has a background in pre-law, teaching, and event planning.

In this episode, Jenni discusses

  • How she works as an event planner while taking her pre-law degree.

  • Transitioning from being an educator to starting her own business. 

  • Jenni’s market research on wedding planning before starting her own business plan.

  • Her anxiety about the idea of, “this one person who was a wedding planner”.

  • Why she prefers having team members than working independently.


Follow Jenni Tyhe on Instagram: @imoni_events

Visit her website at http://imonievents.com/

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061 How to Rise Above the Competition with Lance Nicoll

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"Your being successful at that thing, your failing at that thing, that's not who you are, whether you want it to be or not. You're a million other things" - Lance Nicoll

Have you ever tried to tackle the bigger questions about failure, success, and the journey to rise against the competition?

Lance Nicoll tackles those big questions in today's episode.

Lance is a New Orleans based wedding photographer. He has a background in teaching, graphic arts, and competitive wrestling.

In this episode, Lance talks about:

  • How he started as a graphic designer and as an educator and how he transitioned into photography.

  • The struggle of booking gigs as a freelance photographer.

  • Shooting for himself and what drives him as a photographer to create amazing images.

  • Developing his brand and the search for his ideal client.

  • His views on success and failure, and how it has changed over time.


Follow Lance Nicoll on Instagram: @lancenicoll

Visit his website at https://lancenicoll.com/

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060 Embracing Your Balance with Nikki Santerre

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"My mother is my best friend. She is my hero. I strive every day to be more like her." - Nikki Santerre.

Nothing can compare to being a mother, and capturing that experience on film is not an easy task. Ever wondered how a professional does it?

In this episode, Nikki discusses her process of capturing the season of motherhood and her own experience as a mother.

Nikki is a Virginia based fine art/film hybrid photographer. She specializes in shooting weddings and portraits of mothers and their babies.

In this episode, Nikki talks about:

  • How she got started with motherhood photoshoots after her own struggles with infertility.

  • Her unique way of capturing the season of motherhood in her shoots

  • Elevating her brand to the next level

  • Co-founding The Hybrid Atelier, an educational platform for photographers who are interested in hybrid photography

  • Nikki’s description of her ideal photography client

  • The joys of being a mother and how she deals with the challenges it brings

  • Balancing and loving being a photographer and a mother


Follow Nikki Santerre on Instagram: @nikkisanterre

Visit her website at https://nikkisanterre.com/

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059 Creating Client Experience with Chris J. Evans

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“When they are able to look at a photo of themselves, and they see something in that image, a reflection of themselves that they have never seen before, that is what inspires me to just literally go to work every single day.” - Chris J Evans

Ever wondered how professionals handle high volume wedding shoots and still deliver a unique experience to clients?

Chris J Evans will answer that, and more in today's episode.

With over a hundred wedding shoots every year, photographer Chris J Evans and his amazing crew have found their success in Maui, Hawaii.  A fashion photographer and a former touring musician, Chris creates a unique experience for his wedding shoots.

In this episode, Chris J. Evans talks about

  • Starting his company and growing his wedding photography business.

  • The workflow and the art of managing his time to accommodate the high volume wedding shoots that his company does every year.

  • Learn how being a musician has helped Chris present himself and the experience he brings as a wedding photographer.

  • Chris discusses the challenges that come with the high volume wedding and how his crew helps him handle that.

  • Discover how Chris established his style, look, and voice in the wedding photography world.

  • Find out how Chris manages work-life balance amidst his tight work schedule.

  • Chris talks about how building relationships with the community continues to inspire him and keeps him from burning out.


Follow Chris J. Evans on Instagram: @chrisjevansphoto

Visit his website at https://www.chrisjevans.com/.

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058 Sparking Creativity with Wendy Laurel

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"If you don't push boundaries, you're going nowhere." - Wendy Laurel.

Have you ever wondered how experimental photography could boost your creativity and add a range of emotions on your photos?

Wonder no more, this episode Wendy will answer it for you.

As a Maui based photographer, she shoots for weddings, families, and local clients throughout Hawaii. Wendy expresses her creativity through experimental photography that she achieves over a variety of techniques that she discusses in detail on this episode.

In this episode, Wendy Laurel discusses:

  • How she uses experimental photography to heighten the emotion in her shots.

  • Learn Wendy's methodology on how she delivers her clients’ expectations while adding in her own creative style

  • Getting started with experimental photography through lomos, holgas, light leaks, cross processing, and film souping

  • Find out the art of pushing boundaries to keep your shoots fresh

  • Discover how to have fun and enjoy photography

Prepare to be inspired!


Follow Wendy Laurel on Instagram: @wendylaurel

Visit her website at https://www.wendylaurel.com/.

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057 Time Management with Laura Murray

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I do not have a work life and a personal life. I have one life. - Sheri Salata

Have you felt like you wanted to be efficient, manage your time, structure your day, get things done, yet you don’t know how to make it come to fruition?

If so, you would want to listen to this entire episode with Laura Murray.

She is a photographer and a visual story teller based in Denver, Colorado. Laura is was trained in Mathematics prior to photography but have always had a desire for creativity.

In this episode you will discover:

  • The big WHY on creating Spark & Bound

  • Laura tells the power of writing your own personal manifesto

  • Why is it important to exercise your muscle of self-discipline

  • How can a creative like you win the day by following Laura’s approach

  • Great tips and resources that you can use to buy more time, strategize your day, and scale up your business


Follow Laura on Instagram: @lauramurray

Check out her website, you can go https://lauramurrayphotography.com/.

Spark & Bound: http://sparkandbound.com/

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056 Family Photography with Brooke Schultz

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What does family photography mean?

In today's episode, Braedon sat down with Brooke Schultz, whose secret power is photographing love in an authentic way.

Whether it’s your wedding day or an ordinary day with your favorite souls in the world, Brooke would want nothing less than magic for you.

Today, she spoke about how to approach a lifestyle photo sessions.

Brooke also discussed how she helped family members to go through the challenge of having children in a photo shoot.

Lastly, she gets vulnerable and shared personal struggles and how she faced it.


Follow Brooke on Instagram: @brookebschultz

Check out her website, you can go http://brookeschultzphotography.com/ .

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055 Social Media with Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing

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Is social media a "necessary evil?" Is it bad for business? You will find the answer to these questions in today's episode.

Abby Jiu has had a passion for gorgeous imagery and creating art since before she can remember. But in 2009, she picked up a camera and hasn’t put it down since. 

Lisa Ziesing has loved wedding photography long before she became the one creating it. She has been shooting film since her high schools days on the yearbook staff and hasn’t stopped since.

Together, they are a team from Abby Jiu Photography.

Listen as they both share how they promote each other.

Also, you will discover how they become under one brand.

Lastly, Abby and Lisa gave advice on how you overcome the feeling of being overwhelm.


Follow Abby on Instagram: @abbyjiu

Follow Lisa on Instagram: @lisaziesing

Check out their website, you can go here.

Send them an email at abby@abbyjiu.com

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054 John Changing the Channel

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Second time is a charm, that is why we are bringing back John Dolan in the podcast. 

John Dolan has woven a career of advertising, editorial and fine art photography. He is a recognized leader in contemporary wedding photography. Wedding clients include magazine art directors and editors, as well as celebrity couples Will & Jada Smith, Ben & Christine Stiller, Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish, Bridget Moynahan & Andrew Frankel, and most recently, Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Falchuk.

In today's episode, we dive deep on his recent blog post, Change Channels. He will share the reason what inspired him to write it.

You will hear John discuss the pure essence of what makes a picture great and acceptable.

Lastly, you will find out why John wanted to encourage you to stop trying to please other people.


Follow him on Instagram: @johndolanphotog

Check out his website, you can go here.

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