057 Time Management with Laura Murray

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I do not have a work life and a personal life. I have one life. - Sheri Salata

Have you felt like you wanted to be efficient, manage your time, structure your day, get things done, yet you don’t know how to make it come to fruition?

If so, you would want to listen to this entire episode with Laura Murray.

She is a photographer and a visual story teller based in Denver, Colorado. Laura is was trained in Mathematics prior to photography but have always had a desire for creativity.

In this episode you will discover:

  • The big WHY on creating Spark & Bound

  • Laura tells the power of writing your own personal manifesto

  • Why is it important to exercise your muscle of self-discipline

  • How can a creative like you win the day by following Laura’s approach

  • Great tips and resources that you can use to buy more time, strategize your day, and scale up your business


Follow Laura on Instagram: @lauramurray

Check out her website, you can go https://lauramurrayphotography.com/.

Spark & Bound: http://sparkandbound.com/

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