058 Sparking Creativity with Wendy Laurel

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"If you don't push boundaries, you're going nowhere." - Wendy Laurel.

Have you ever wondered how experimental photography could boost your creativity and add a range of emotions on your photos?

Wonder no more, this episode Wendy will answer it for you.

As a Maui based photographer, she shoots for weddings, families, and local clients throughout Hawaii. Wendy expresses her creativity through experimental photography that she achieves over a variety of techniques that she discusses in detail on this episode.

In this episode, Wendy Laurel discusses:

  • How she uses experimental photography to heighten the emotion in her shots.

  • Learn Wendy's methodology on how she delivers her clients’ expectations while adding in her own creative style

  • Getting started with experimental photography through lomos, holgas, light leaks, cross processing, and film souping

  • Find out the art of pushing boundaries to keep your shoots fresh

  • Discover how to have fun and enjoy photography

Prepare to be inspired!


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