059 Creating Client Experience with Chris J. Evans

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“When they are able to look at a photo of themselves, and they see something in that image, a reflection of themselves that they have never seen before, that is what inspires me to just literally go to work every single day.” - Chris J Evans

Ever wondered how professionals handle high volume wedding shoots and still deliver a unique experience to clients?

Chris J Evans will answer that, and more in today's episode.

With over a hundred wedding shoots every year, photographer Chris J Evans and his amazing crew have found their success in Maui, Hawaii.  A fashion photographer and a former touring musician, Chris creates a unique experience for his wedding shoots.

In this episode, Chris J. Evans talks about

  • Starting his company and growing his wedding photography business.

  • The workflow and the art of managing his time to accommodate the high volume wedding shoots that his company does every year.

  • Learn how being a musician has helped Chris present himself and the experience he brings as a wedding photographer.

  • Chris discusses the challenges that come with the high volume wedding and how his crew helps him handle that.

  • Discover how Chris established his style, look, and voice in the wedding photography world.

  • Find out how Chris manages work-life balance amidst his tight work schedule.

  • Chris talks about how building relationships with the community continues to inspire him and keeps him from burning out.


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