061 How to Rise Above the Competition with Lance Nicoll

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"Your being successful at that thing, your failing at that thing, that's not who you are, whether you want it to be or not. You're a million other things" - Lance Nicoll

Have you ever tried to tackle the bigger questions about failure, success, and the journey to rise against the competition?

Lance Nicoll tackles those big questions in today's episode.

Lance is a New Orleans based wedding photographer. He has a background in teaching, graphic arts, and competitive wrestling.

In this episode, Lance talks about:

  • How he started as a graphic designer and as an educator and how he transitioned into photography.

  • The struggle of booking gigs as a freelance photographer.

  • Shooting for himself and what drives him as a photographer to create amazing images.

  • Developing his brand and the search for his ideal client.

  • His views on success and failure, and how it has changed over time.


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